Welcome to The Parish Tram web site, a personal view of a beautiful Cornish village,  I hope this site will provide an insight to Portreath and be useable to residents and and ever growing number of visitors. If you have any comments or suggestions please email cjswatts@gmail.com

Portreath is a small village on the North coast of Cornwall, situated between the towns of Camborne and Redruth. In the past Portreath prospered from its harbour, exporting tin ore and importing coal for the mining industry. The fishing community has also been very active and continues into the present.
The main income in the parish is the holiday trade with the beach as our jewel in the crown.

The beach car park is owned by the village and run by a registered charity,
  all funds generated by the car park go toward maintaining the village.

Portreath Parish Council run the administration of the parish dealing with all planning applications, footpaths, highways and any other matters that arise from the Parish of Portreath.

You will find more information of all the parish organisations by clicking the "Organisations" button at the top of this page.

The main aim of this website is for the various organisations of the parish to promote themselves and to inform the residents of upcoming events and dates. The News tab takes you to a blog that I hope will keep you updated on items that affect Portreath.

This web site has been in operation since 2004 and has accumulated a large following, all readers contributions are welcome.

The older archives can be seen here http://parishtram.blogspot.co.uk

Chris Watts